An interview with Real Food CT’s Intern/Garden Manager, Rebecca!

Tell me a bit about yourself!I am 20 years old and am a rising junior at the University of Vermont where I study Environmental science with a focus in sustainable agriculture. I live in Newtown, about 15 minutes from both garden locations, Sticks and Stones, and the Catherine Violet HubbardAnimal Sanctuary. How did you get …

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Little Sprouts Project

Little Sprouts Project

Come join us at the Sticks and Stones Giving Garden for a special gardening program for little ones and their caretakers.

Preparing Healthy Food

Inflammation and Chronic Disease: With nearly 50% of Americans suffering from at least one chronic disease (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer) it’s important to view how what you put in your body affects your health. The American standard diet of processed foods includes by-products of corn, wheat and soy because it is cheap for the manufacturers, not healthy …

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Real Food Nutrition

Real Food is single ingredient, zero or minimally processed, and as close to nature as possible. The buzz phrases to look for are organically grown, pasture-raised, wild-caught, grass-fed, and locally grown. Put simply, real food is food as it’s found in nature. Only 9% of Americans meet the dietary guidelines for daily veggies and only …

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