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Real Food CT is thrilled to announce the ongoing success of our Young Farmer Internship program, which is now in its fourth season! This initiative has been a catalyst for change, empowering local high school and college students to delve into the world of regenerative agriculture, community gardens, and hunger relief. Our dedicated interns have been hard at work preparing garden beds, starting seeds, planting, transplanting, harvesting and generously donating our yield to food pantry partners across northern Fairfield County. Let’s celebrate the incredible accomplishments of our interns and the positive impact they are making in our community!

At the heart of Real Food CT’s Young Farmer Internship program lies our unwavering commitment to maximizing community resources and regenerative agriculture practices. From preparing garden beds to starting seeds and engaging in every step of the farming process, our interns have gained invaluable knowledge about organic growing techniques, crop rotations, and the significance of regenerative practices in building resilient food systems. Our team also picks up surplus produce from local farms and markets across the region as part of our donation distribution efforts.

The impact of our Young Farmer Internship program goes beyond the farm; it extends into the community to address hunger relief. Our interns have made a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and families facing food insecurity by actively contributing to local food pantries and hunger relief organizations. Through their dedication, our interns have harvested fresh produce and prepared generous donations, providing nourishment and hope to those who need it most. Their efforts exemplify the power of community engagement and the transformative impact they can have on building a stronger, healthier society.

This season, we have lots to look forward to as an organization, and our interns will play an integral role in our progress. We are thrilled to have the new greenhouse at Sticks and Stones Farm, new upcoming events, and exciting educational opportunities. Food security continues to be an issue with SNAP benefits being reduced in the State of Connecticut. This makes the community gardens and farm rescue work that we do all the more important. It says a lot about a young person’s character when they chose to work at a community garden. We’re lucky and proud to serve alongside them.

We are immensely proud of the accomplishments of our Young Farmer interns at Real Food CT. Their unwavering commitment to regenerative agriculture, community gardens, and hunger relief is truly commendable. Through their efforts, we are creating a healthier, more sustainable future. We invite our community to celebrate these young change-makers and recognize the significant impact they are making. Together, we can continue to cultivate change, support local agriculture, and address food insecurity. Real Food CT thanks each intern for their passion, dedication and the lasting legacy they are creating!

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