Our vision is an integrated regional food supply connecting Connecticut’s farms and food pantries. We are building a sustainable model, creating jobs, providing education, and uplifting local agriculture.


Production Gardens and Young Farmer Internships

  • 1/2 acre lots customized to supplement needs of local pantries
  • Seasonal training and internships for interested young farmers
  • Volunteers, community gatherings, and family events


Farmer Surplus

  • Collecting seasonal excess from regional farmers
  • Gleaning “last pass” in the fields
  • Pickup, delivery, and potential tax benefits for farmers


Direct Payments to Farmers

  •  Redirecting a portion of funds that food pantries spend on food to local farmers
  • Coordinating between state, federal, and private grants
  • Money up front for farmers to do what they do best



  • Utilizing Ag-Tech to provide year-round fresh produce production for food pantries
  • Skilled job creation in the food production and service arena