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Join us for these exciting upcoming webinars, delivered via Zoom. To sign up, click the link to register for any topics that appeal to you. You will receive a link the day before webinar. If you miss a webinar, don’t worry. All webinars are posted in the Food Blog section of our website.

Unfed: Creating Equity in Our Food System

How do we get as much fresh, local food to as many people as possible?  Sean Fitzpatrick of Real Food Share and Annmarie Gianni of Moss Creek Farm dive into grass-root action steps that can revolutionize our local food system and ensure that everybody has access to healthy food.

This weekly, info-packed webinar will be for 15 minutes starting at 12:00 every Wednesday for discussion and Q+A on all of the related topics around food security, healthy communities, and local food systems.  You’ll walk away with action steps you can start today and progress for years to come.

Wed Feb 3rd at 12pm EST
Buying Local Food
Do you know where your last meal came from? Tune in for a highlight of our local farmers here in Fairfield County CT, what CSA’s are and how to be a part of one, where local  farmers markets are. They will also share the best resources to find local favorites in your town.

Wed Feb 10th at 12 EST
Sean and Annmarie share a similar background in fitness and nutrition. Understanding how our food choices relate to our health outcomes is an evolving practice.  We’ll review basics like fresh vs processed foods, nutrients vs calories, and some simple goals we all can strive for.  Buying local is key!

Wed Feb 17th at 12 EST
Food Waste
Do you know that the average American family wastes 250 pounds of food each year? This episode will help you understand what you can do to reduce that number and the impact it would have on the local food system.  Let’s keep more money in your pockets and provide extra meals for those in need.

Wed Feb 24th at 12 EST
Growing Food At Home
 After WWII 40% of America’s vegetables were grown in home gardens (over 8 million tons!).  Home gardening is back on the rise and we’ll share some basics on how to plan and execute a successful schedule this season.  We’ll also tie in the significance this has on the local food system and being part of a solution to end hunger.
Together we can end hunger and create a deeper connection to our community and environment.  Get in the game!  We’ll see you out there.

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